What is the maximum wind speed that can withstand a geodesic dome made by Domos Barcelona?

Our standard geodesic domes (or dome tents) are made to withstand winds of up to 104 kmh or 28 mps as per regulations. To be more precise we are working on climate zone two in our calculation standards. It determines a height equal or lower than 1200 masl, among other technical details that this construction standard implies.

If for reasons necessary for the implementation of the dome these conditions vary, we can always do a resizing and project guarded for the precise needs of an extreme environment such as the Antarctic or the Pyrenees.

How is the dome secured in the field to counteract the effects of wind?

This can be done in three different ways:

Ballasting or placement of weights in various strategic locations in the dome to complete the amount of kilograms required by the dome in question. E.g.: a dome of 10 meters in diameter will require 4,300 kilograms, to be within the calculation and normative use.

Anchoring with special bolts to a reliable cement base.

Stake system: iron stakes sized and strategically placed until the traction requirements of the structure are met, according to standards and calculation.

Is any special training needed to assemble a geodesic dome?

If above all it is essential to be trained either by domes Barcelona, or by experience in setting up temporary structures, or by other systems of job training.

While the dome’s mounting/maintenance manual and the hardware system used make dome mounting accessible to anyone with experience in mounting practicable structures. The correct use and safety protocols of the assembly, will come from the training of assembly that Domos Barcelona offers to its clients according to its own manuals.

How many people are needed for the assembly? What are the assembly times? What tools are needed to assemble a dome? Is an elevator or crane always needed?

This will depend on the size of the geodesic dome (or dome tent) you set up. For more information see the individual product fact sheets here.

Is it possible to keep the same diameter and increase the height?

Yes, all geodesic structures can be deformed, within the margins that the calculation and physics allow. This is what we call commercially special geodetic dome as it escapes any standard.

What European standards do the geodesic domes (or dome tents) of Domos Barcelona meet in terms of safety?

  • – CTE – Technical Building Code.
  • – UNE-EN 1999-1-2:2007, Eurocode 9: Design of aluminium structures.
  • – UNE-EN 13782: 2005 – Temporary structures.
  • – UNE-EN 15619:2009+A1 – Rubber or plastic coated fabrics. Safety of structures temporary (tents). Specifications of coated fabrics for tents and similar structures.

Is it possible to see a sample mounted dome?

In our workshop we don’t have any domes permanently mounted, this would be impossible due to the volume and variety of sizes we sell. However, we are always doing tests that require mounted domes or public events that you can attend. It’s just a matter of coordinating with one of our sales representatives. It is also possible to make sample assemblies at the customer’s request, subject to prior agreement.

Which is better for me to hire the assembly or do it myself?

This is a personal decision of each user or buyer of Barcelona domes. In any case, what will change from one form to another is the workload and the responsibilities resulting from such a geodetic dome assembly.

Always understanding the great responsibility that there is in assembling geodesic domes of any size that house people, which by the action of wind or overloads can generate forces real dangerous situations that require professional, responsible and trained work applied to the installation of geodesic domes.

Also important is the specificity of the insurance policies taken out when it comes to the coverages arising from the assembly responsibilities.

What is the useful life of a geodesic dome from Domos Barcelona?

The useful life of a dome will depend at all times on the care and maintenance that is made of it, at the structural level is almost impossible to determine it since the life of metals such as aluminum or galvanized iron protected by the cover is extremely long.

As for the cover (white parts) made with Ferrari Précontraint membranes, they have a considerably longer life cycle thanks to their high quality. The factory warranty for different references ranges from 7 to 20 years, with the actual durability being even greater.

What maintenance is required for geodetic domes?

While all measures for dome maintenance are described in the user’s manual that each dome has. In general terms, maintenance is low, but it is very important to carry out periodic tasks such as changing the hood tensioners, cleaning the hood or checking the anchorages and adjusting the screws.