Choosing your dome

Choosing your dome

The first thing, when you are looking to install a geodesic dome, is its size: that is to say, how many square metres we need to develop the activity for. This is the primary feature that will dictate the construction of your dome.

Secondly, time-frame. Is your dome going to be used for a short event or for long durations? Then we need to determine the characteristics of the terrain; where you will be setting up your dome.

Afterwards, we should define its application. Knowing this, one of our technicians will be able to suggest the geodesic structure and the most suitable configuration, whether due to the quality of the materials or the performance of the dome. We will also give you a file with more than a hundred different possible configurations which our domes can have. If you wish, you can also order a model, on demand.

The main thing when choosing a dome is to have the backing and advice of the leading manufacturer. At Domos Barcelona, we give informed advice to our clients based on their needs, our stock of materials of the highest quality, and expert manufacture.

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