Dome Houses


There is a substantial difference between a temporary structure and a structure defined as a dome house, dome home, or igloo-type geodesic house, where we are talking about a multi-storey single-family dwelling, which must be taken into account and governed by technical codes of construction and all building and safety regulations.

In general, the main elements that differ from a temporary structure to a house are: electrical and water installations, bathrooms, kitchens, air conditioning and acoustic thermal insulation.

At the technical level, we will require an architect, a rigger, a safety plan, a technical project, the R30 fire safety certification, and many more elements of a home for normal use. In this way, not only security is being ensured, but also the real estate value of the property.

However, the important thing is that we not only make houses, but we create homes; the most unique, practical and reliable homes, limited only by your imagination.

Tell us your dream and we will make your dome home to specification.
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