Aluminium and outdoor domes

Aluminium and outdoor domes

The first developments in outdoor domes, at the beginning of this century, were dedicated for use in places as remote as Antarctica or Greenland. These places are inaccessible by human or animal and therefore weight plays a fundamental role. Under these circumstances, we developed all our geodesic structures up to 12 metres in diameter, in aluminium with colour or painted anodized finishes.

Perhaps at a cost level the price difference is relevant, but the benefits and economy that aluminium gives us are unique.

To design aluminium domes we have to take into account the appropriate alloy and the most refined techniques to avoid the fracture of the material in the manufacturing processes. These aluminium products are ideal for roadshows, giving us a more economical and ecological product that is very easy to transport.

At Domos Barcelona, ​​we work exclusively with materials of the highest quality and manufacture is done by an expert team with vast experience.

Maximum lightness and strength for special dome solutions.

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