Domes for functions

Domes for functions

The geodesic dome is a different space that allows us to do an infinity of activities with dramatically different optics.

Whether as extra space, or an independent lightweight structure, our domes are used to develop different types of activities of the most diverse nature. In public spaces, businesses or private homes, they can become libraries, recreation spaces, physical activities rooms or spaces dedicated to meditation and yoga practice. Its fractal, acoustic and spatial properties transform it into an ideal space for so many uses.

Depending on the space of the installation and use, we can mount it as a temporary structure, or as a light supplementary structure, something like a pergola or pagoda. As with any long-term temporary structure, all our domes are developed, constructed and certified for the installation site, where geographic area, climate, altitude and surface must be taken into account.

Imagine all you could do in a geodesic dome.

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