Rental of domes for Events

Our company has the largest event domes for events in central and southern Europe, thanks to almost ten years of continuous work. We seek to have all the necessary products for the development of events of different types.

The rental of domes for events requires having trained staff and a type of multipurpose structure capable of adapting to the most diverse situations.

All our structures have the capacity to have 3 or 4 doors, depending on the size and the requirements of the event. The same thing happens with the covers, which not only have the possibility of mounting multiple doors, but we can also work in different textures, colours, qualities or transparencies.

All our rentals, for structures less than 11 metres in diameter, are made of anodized aluminium and all our domes are built with Ferrari membranes, the world leader in textile architecture.

Beyond the technical and quality characteristics of our structures, it is essential to have specialized staff and engineering calculations that suit the different assembly situations, also considering special loads, such as lights, sound, balloons, or decor.

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