Domos Barcelona was the first industrial company in central and southern Europe dedicated exclusively to the manufacture, sale and rental of geodesic domes, and is the result of a project that emerged during the Spanish economic crisis of 2008, where the country’s business reality was changing.

Many companies closed without a remedy, and as entrepreneurs we understood that the only way to get ahead was to have novel and original ideas that solved the needs of people and companies, even within a market that was dwindling. When we discovered the geodesic structures and possibilities with textile structures, we were impressed by its beauty and practicality, and we understood that developing them with the highest technical specification and the best products on the market, we would achieve success. That has led us to work in such distant places as Morocco, Antarctica, Greenland, and of course, throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe.

From the beginning, we understood that we had to learn to do most of the tasks on our own, and that is why we specialized and trained in the manufacture of structures and soldering in our own workshop. We have the only workshop dedicated exclusively to the soldering of coverings for geodesic domes by high frequency in the centre and south of Europe. Our work group consists of specialists in every aspect: engineering, textile welding, design, and assembly staff.

Already a long time has passed since those first experiences, and the conscious and methodical work has led us to find the most suitable workshops and technologies to offer a superior product. At reasonable and competitive costs, with companies from the rest of the world, we are ready to be exported all over the globe.

We do not know what our destiny will be in a world changing so quickly, but dynamically maintaining the philosophy of providing intelligent and quality solutions to people, will always have a future and has not yet reached the ceiling.

At Domos Barcelona we create unique places, useful and reliable, adapted to your imagination.

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