What is a geodesic dome?

What is a geodesic dome?

We could sum it up by saying that it is a see-through dome structure, something ideal for creating unique and striking spaces. However, it is in fact a geometric shape that we are passionate about and has seduced us from the first moment we laid eyes on it, so let us get a bit more technical.

A geodesic dome is a hemisphere of a geodesic sphere. Its shape is based on the figure of the icosahedron. The division of this initial figure will determine the frequency of the dome. They are structures of great efficiency and a great harmonic space, given the absence of columns or pillars. At the same time, being a fractal structure, large load resistances are generated with material quantities much lower than those commonly used in traditional architecture. The concept was developed by Richard Buckminster Fuller, who patented the idea and mathematics of the project, in the mid-twentieth century.

At Domos Barcelona, we have been pioneers in the manufacture of geodesic domes. The search for perfection forces us to engineer these structures to comply with the strictest construction and safety standards; in addition, adhering to European regulations for temporary structures.

We work with metal or wood structures, which are the most popular today, although it is now possible to use a myriad of materials that will change its performance and durability to suit whatever needs you have.

The geodesic dome or geodesic cupola is a particularly eye-catching structure, striking because of its unusual shape, translucency and originality. However, the power lies in that it can be used for the most diverse purposes imaginable; whether for a laboratory, events, a house, an activity space, a museum, a greenhouse, a bar or any other purpose that our customers dream up.

If you want to know more about what a geodesic dome is, ask us, we love talking about how to apply its geometry.

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